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Why Jesus Had to Die

I’ve gotten the question over the years, “Why did Jesus have to die and take our sin? How does his his death absolve MY sin?” Pastor Greear’s short explanation/illustration here helps.

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Throwback Thursday – Pineapple Story: A Lesson in Giving Things Over to God

This is one of my favorite sermons of all time. Otto Koning was a Dutch missionary in Papua New Guinea. I love his sense of humor, which I’d like to think is similar to mine. This is absolutely worth the … Continue reading

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Prayers I Pray – Prayer 2

So here’s the second prayer I have taped in my Bible for me to read before I stand to preach/teach on a Sunday morning (or any other opportunity). It’s taken from what is probably my favorite Christian non-fiction book of all time: … Continue reading

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Prayers I Pray – Prayer 1

Generally speaking, every Sunday I get the privilege of delivering a message/sermon. Inside my Bible I’ve taped two prayers for me to pray before I give my message. Here’s the first, written by Dr. Allen Holmes of Daystar Church in … Continue reading

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Freedom’s Responsibility

I loved one of the illustrations from Pastor Matt‘s sermon on Sunday. I’ll get to that in a minute. The gist of the message was that we are called to “serve one another” (Galatians 5:13-16). In fact, God has set … Continue reading

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40-Day Prayer Challenge

This past Sunday, we began our current message series, “Vertical – Talking to God.”  We are going to spend six weeks learning about prayer and how we can grow our faith by relating to God through prayer.  If you missed … Continue reading

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New Testament Challenge Begins!

So today kicks off The Bridge’s New Testament Challenge!  Today’s reading is Matthew 1-2 and Acts 1-3. Matthew starts out with the genealogy of Jesus – his family tree. You might remember that we did a brief message series on … Continue reading

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