Prayers I Pray – Prayer 1

Generally speaking, every Sunday I get the privilege of delivering a message/sermon. Inside my Bible I’ve taped two prayers for me to pray before I give my message. Here’s the first, written by Dr. Allen Holmes of Daystar Church in Greensboro, NC:

“Father, today I get to share your heart with your people. God help me to do so humility – understanding that you still have so much work to do in me and outside of your grace my life would be a total wreck. Help me to communicate with gentleness and grace recognizing that there are hurting people here today who you want to encourage. Help me to speak your word clearly and directly realizing that truth is the foundation they can build a life on. Fill my heart with gratitude for the privilege of leading your church and instructing your people, every time I speak lives are changed. Help me to guard my heart. I am not angry, and do not want to be judgmental or sarcastic but to preach good news. Father, I am your son, you are for me, you have called me, you are with me, and I will trust you. Your word will not return void. In the name of Jesus, I bind Satan and break every yoke, bondage, spiritual oppression or plans of Satan and every demonic force and I declare that today the kingdom of God will be further established in the hearts of your people! Jesus speak through me today!”

About mikewindley

Mike Windley is Lead Pastor of The Bridge Community Church in Morrisville, NC.
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