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Prayers I Pray – Prayer 2

So here’s the second prayer I have taped in my Bible for me to read before I stand to preach/teach on a Sunday morning (or any other opportunity). It’s taken from what is probably my favorite Christian non-fiction book of all time: … Continue reading

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Prayers I Pray – Prayer 1

Generally speaking, every Sunday I get the privilege of delivering a message/sermon. Inside my Bible I’ve taped two prayers for me to pray before I give my message. Here’s the first, written by Dr. Allen Holmes of Daystar Church in … Continue reading

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National Day of Prayer

Today is the “National Day of Prayer” (NDP). Regardless of religious or political affiliations, this is a great opportunity to corporately seek after God and His direction for our country and world. I will be at the Cary Family YMCA for … Continue reading

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Upcoming Amsterdam Mission Trip

The Bridge is sending it’s third mission trip team to Amsterdam on May 21-28. Our first team went in 2010 as a scout team to pray over the city and to ask for God’s leading for our church about how … Continue reading

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40-Day Prayer Challenge

This past Sunday, we began our current message series, “Vertical – Talking to God.”  We are going to spend six weeks learning about prayer and how we can grow our faith by relating to God through prayer.  If you missed … Continue reading

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I’ve been missing my hymnal

I grew up in a church where, like many, we sang from a hymnal. In college, the primary church I attended used the “Celebration Hymnal.” At some point I obtained my own copy, which, in time was lost. Finally, my … Continue reading

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Our Short-Term Missionary in Brazil

One of our members, Matt Wells, is on a 2-week mission trip to Benevides, Brazil.  Matt joined in with a team from his former church in Virgina (Reston Bible Church) to help with a summer camp that RBC puts on … Continue reading

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Am I really going to post about “Jon and Kate Plus Eight?”

Yes, due to the wonders of Cable television, I have access to all kinds of great programming like the Discovery Channel (Survivor Man, Whale Wars, Deadliest Catch, Mythbusters, etc.), TLC (Jon and Kate), The Food Network, History Channel (Band of … Continue reading

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What are you devoted to?

My Connection Group, which meets on Wednesday evenings, just finished doing a study on the book of Colossians.  In chapter 4, the author, Paul, challenges us to “Devote yourselves to prayer.”  It got me thinking about my own prayer life.  … Continue reading

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Celebration for Kristi Winters Walkers

Please click the link below to see the obituary for Kristi.  It gives the details for the upcoming celebration of her life scheduled for Tuesday, February 17th.  Thanks for your continued prayers for her family and friends during this time. … Continue reading

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