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Rick and Kay Warren Talk About Their Son’s Suicide

I have so much respect for this man and his wife. I’m so glad they share their lives so we can learn/be inspired by them. Go here and read the article.

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Identity – Being before Doing

I talk a lot about “identity.” I think one of the core issues for growing as a follower of Jesus is determined by how we view ourselves – where we get our “identity” from. I struggle to articulate this point, … Continue reading

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I’ve been missing my hymnal

I grew up in a church where, like many, we sang from a hymnal. In college, the primary church I attended used the “Celebration Hymnal.” At some point I obtained my own copy, which, in time was lost. Finally, my … Continue reading

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A Purpose Driven Summer

Coming up this Sunday, we are introducing our “Purpose Driven Summer” emphasis for those of us connected to The Bridge. As a “purpose driven” church, we attempt to grow in each of the five biblical purposes derived from the “Great … Continue reading

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