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Accountability Questions for Men

Gene Getz has a great book about church leadership structure/governance called “Elders and Leaders: God’s Plan for Leading the Church.” In it he provides a chapter that includes some accountability questions he suggests for use with your church staff. Any … Continue reading

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Two Good Questions from Oswald Chambers

Am I getting nobler, better, more helpful, more humble, as I get older? Am I exhibiting the life that men take knowledge of as having been with Jesus…? “Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and … Continue reading

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Day One of Compassion International Trip to El Salvador

So I have the privilege of being on a trip to El Salvador with a team of pastors to see the work of Compassion International. In our trip book, provided by Compassion, it has a daily devotional and place to … Continue reading

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Rick and Kay Warren Talk About Their Son’s Suicide

I have so much respect for this man and his wife. I’m so glad they share their lives so we can learn/be inspired by them. Go here and read the article.

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Not too long ago, I did a sermon series I called “COEXIST.” You have probably seen the bumperstickers. The idea, in my mind, is that there are a lot of different faith and belief systems or you might call them … Continue reading

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Why, why, why, why, why – A Leadership Question

Read this blog post on the power of asking “Why?” five times.  

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Throwback Thursday – Pineapple Story: A Lesson in Giving Things Over to God

This is one of my favorite sermons of all time. Otto Koning was a Dutch missionary in Papua New Guinea. I love his sense of humor, which I’d like to think is similar to mine. This is absolutely worth the … Continue reading

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