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Day 2 in El Salvador with Compassion International

Getting a head start on the day two report, I haven’t done the Day 2 “devotional”, but it does ask the question again, “What ONE WORD best summarizes this day for you?” The answer so far would be, “wow.” Today … Continue reading

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Day One of Compassion International Trip to El Salvador

So I have the privilege of being on a trip to El Salvador with a team of pastors to see the work of Compassion International. In our trip book, provided by Compassion, it has a daily devotional and place to … Continue reading

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Top Ten List of Things You Can Do to Find Financial Freedom

I came acrossed yet another list I thought you readers might enjoy.  Our church is currently offering its second round of Dave Ramsey’s “Financial Peace University.”  This top ten list comes from a similar organization called Crown Financial Ministries.  Here … Continue reading

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Doritos Superbowl Commericial

One of the things I learned as a summer camp counselor at Camp Willow Run was that you can “be a Christian and have fun!”  Therefore, just for funsies, I want you to help.  Our friends, Dale and Cori, can possibly … Continue reading

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Two Great Organizations to Support

While at the Catalyst Conference two weeks ago, I was certainly moved by two organizations that are making a difference in our world – Hope International and Compassion International.  Let me tell you a little about each. Hope International is “a … Continue reading

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FPU Preview Class

Last night was our preview class for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  We watched a 23-minute introductory video with Dave.  He does a really great job engaging his audience and breaking down the walls we might have to listening to his … Continue reading

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I May Cut Up My Credit Card

I LOVE my credit card.  It is so convenient (maybe too convenient!).  I love pulling up to the gas pump and swiping the card and never having to go inside.  I love going to the grocery store and swipin’ that … Continue reading

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