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Why Jesus Had to Die

I’ve gotten the question over the years, “Why did Jesus have to die and take our sin? How does his his death absolve MY sin?” Pastor Greear’s short explanation/illustration here helps.

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The Gospel in Two Chairs

I am certainly a visual learner – so I love this illustration. As with a lot of things, I can’t agree 100% with all the conclusions here, but the illustration is powerful. And, as with a lot of things, I … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday – Pineapple Story: A Lesson in Giving Things Over to God

This is one of my favorite sermons of all time. Otto Koning was a Dutch missionary in Papua New Guinea. I love his sense of humor, which I’d like to think is similar to mine. This is absolutely worth the … Continue reading

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Friday Funny – Sumo Wrestling and Brotherly Love

My brother Matt and I got to face each other in “Sumo” wrestling at the Durham Bulls game on Sunday, August 4th. Enjoy!

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Talk About Conformity

Check out this not so “Friday Funny” as it is more of a “Friday Odd.” Draw your own conclusions. Click here for the explanation.

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Amazing Grace

In my humble opinion, “Amazing Grace” may be the greatest song ever written. This is a great rendition performed by The Band Perry. The “My Chains Are Gone” addition was added by Chris Tomlin in 2008 (I believe). The song … Continue reading

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“Plussing” – Your Friday Funny

I don’t know where or when or how, but at some point, my brother started using the word “plussing”. He is deservedly made fun of for it’s usage, but it communicates. For Matt, “plussing” is when you make any kind … Continue reading

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Those Crazy Christians

Sadly, in December of 2011, I lost a good friend, Stephen Getzelemann.  As Stephen battled against a Strep A infection, our church surrounded he and his wife and son. It seemed like everyone was praying and pitching in to help, … Continue reading

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In the Secret of His Presence

I am so grateful that Christian artists are often remaking some of the old hymns.  In our old hymn books is such a treasury of theology and inspiration. I may have said something about this hymn before – In the … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday Video

I thought I would post a video here we used this past Easter Sunday morning. I had never heard this song before by Shane and Shane. Props (am I too old to say “props”) to our Worship Pastor Cary Penrose … Continue reading

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