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Those Crazy Christians

Sadly, in December of 2011, I lost a good friend, Stephen Getzelemann.  As Stephen battled against a Strep A infection, our church surrounded he and his wife and son. It seemed like everyone was praying and pitching in to help, … Continue reading

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In the Secret of His Presence

I am so grateful that Christian artists are often remaking some of the old hymns.  In our old hymn books is such a treasury of theology and inspiration. I may have said something about this hymn before – In the … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday Video

I thought I would post a video here we used this past Easter Sunday morning. I had never heard this song before by Shane and Shane. Props (am I too old to say “props”) to our Worship Pastor Cary Penrose … Continue reading

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Music Legend Earl Scruggs Passes

Yesterday legendary bluegrass banjo player, Earl Scruggs, passed away. Here is a link to an article on about Scruggs. Scruggs is credited with inventing the style of “picking” the banjo verses strumming. His most famous song is the Foggy … Continue reading

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I’ve been missing my hymnal

I grew up in a church where, like many, we sang from a hymnal. In college, the primary church I attended used the “Celebration Hymnal.” At some point I obtained my own copy, which, in time was lost. Finally, my … Continue reading

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Northpoint Community Church’s All-iPad Band

If you haven’t seen this yet, you will enjoy this!

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Too Good Not to Share

Of course, I should certainly feel that the “gospel” (means “good news”) is too good not to share. And I do feel that way about the good news of God’s love for everybody displayed though the death and resurrection of … Continue reading

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