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One Thing

So this morning I was praying and thinking, “I have so many people in my church that could use my pastoral care right now. I have so many people in my church that could use my leadership in growing be … Continue reading

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Everyone is Called

“Every Christian is called into full-time ministry. Once we step over the line and begin to follow Jesus, everything we do is suppose to be done in his name, representing him, with the goal of advancing his kingdom.” – Larry … Continue reading

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Brian McLaren quote from God Space on change in evangelism landscape in US. 

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On Evangelism

“Outsiders define us by what we do, not by what we say or by what we believe.” Steve Bowen as quoted by Doug Pollock in the book “God Space”

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It Matters to This One

This is probably my favorite story/illustration of all time. I believe it is a story that circulates around YMCA day camps and the like as group devotional material. I had heard it sometime in the past but my brother retold … Continue reading

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