New Testament Challenge

So this Sunday we kick off our New Testament Challenge! The challenge largely consists of reading through the New Testament portion of the Bible over a period of 63 days.  Many of us have tried to read through the Bible at times and our life and most of us fall short of finishing.  It is a challenging task, but I think we can do it as we go through it together.

Unlike a novel or other writings, the Bible really is an “active” book.  Everytime we open it up and read, or even reread some of the same sections, new insights jump off the page.  My encounters with the Bible over the years have been life changing.  I’m amazed that everytime I read it I learn something new and find real help and answers to my many questions.

If you want more info on our New Testament Challenge, click here to see our webpage dedicated to this challenge.  All the links will go live by Sunday.  You can view/download the reading plan, download audio of the daily readings, find the daily questions that will help you engage the readings on a deeper level, and more.

In addition to the reading challenge, I will have the privilege each week during the challenge to teach on some of the major themes of the New Testament.  Here’s the schedule:

  • The Challenge of the New Testament
  • The Challenge of Radical Love
  • The Challenge of Generosity
  • The Challenge of Perseverance
  • The Challenge of Servanthood
  • The Challenge of Forgiveness
  • The Challenge of Godliness
  • The Challenge of Obedience
  • The Challenge of Eternity

The challenge begins this Sunday, February 13 (can you believe it’s February already?!?).  I hope you’re up to the challenge!

About mikewindley

Mike Windley is Lead Pastor of The Bridge Community Church in Morrisville, NC.
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