YMCA Prayer Breakfast

Don’t you love being a part of something that makes you go, “Wow.”  That is how I felt about the YMCA Prayer Breakfast this morning.  Tim and I had been invited to attend, not knowing what it would be like at all.  We were told that Christian singer/songwriter Mark Schultz would be there to perform.  I had heard of Mark, and know some of his songs, but didn’t know they were his.  Frankly, I at first thought he was the former lead singer of Petra (that’s a whole other story if you don’t know who Petra is/was and I dare you to click the Petra link and watch the video!), but that is John Schlitz or something like that.  Anyway…wow.  The MC at the event was some guy named James White.  He was amazingly energetic and energizing for 7am and set a great tone for the event.  Then Mark share stories about his songs and sang and made jokes (he’s quite the comedian).  But seriously…wow.  He was amazing, the message of his songs and the stories behind them were amazing.  And honestly, his songs are very emotional and really was almost in tears.  I think that is partly due to the fact that I am a dad now and get choked up a little more easily.  Again, Anyway…thanks for inviting me to the breakfast Brad.  I’m incredibly encouraged and energized to keep serving God and letting people know about Him.

Check out this Mark Schultz video:

About mikewindley

Mike Windley is Lead Pastor of The Bridge Community Church in Morrisville, NC.
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2 Responses to YMCA Prayer Breakfast

  1. courtney says:

    you didn’t tell me Mark Schultz was going to be there!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m jealous!!!!!!!

  2. He goes to our church–Good Shepherd! I think it’s so cool when he sings, considering how long we’ve all been singing his songs at various praise events.

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