I know, I know…

that I’m the worst at updating my blog!  I just have those rare moments of inspiration that move me to post something.

 Anyway…I’m glad to report that one of my readers was encouraged by a previous post to check out BILLS BBQ in Wilson during their recent travels!  Sadly, they did not enjoy the cornsticks as much as I do!  Each to his own!

 Also, I felt compelled to share this short quote from my INDEED devotional this morning:

“The wisdom of the world would never have chosen a cross for its salvation.”

It’s just like God to provide for our salvation in such a unique and unexpected way – a cross, and a resurrection.  I pray that we would lay down our pride and our efforts at being God and come to Him by faith, and trust in His wisdom to deliver us from ourselves. 

About mikewindley

Mike Windley is Lead Pastor of The Bridge Community Church in Morrisville, NC.
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