Email from Across the Pond

A few weeks ago, I introduced our church to a couple of missionary families in Africa that I know.  The are The Boones and The Whites.  Both families had been through some difficult times (one of the Whites had suffered a head injury and one of the Boones had been robbed at gunpoint while at work in a preschool).  We have prayed for each family and both are doing fine.  We did get an email from the Boones in reply to our request as to how we can help be an encouragment to them after the trauma of the robbery.  Here is a bit of their response:

Thank you Mike; it was wonderful to hear from you!! I had forgotten that you were in TZ.  I am sure you have heard of the terrible violence in South Africa lately.  It has been a terrible time. We have been safe in our area, but over 20,000 are homeless as a result of the xenophobia violence. Basically, the Xhosas, (the tribe we work with), are very xenophobic, and they went to all the foreigners houses and forced them out of the townships. We have been having to be cautious about our trips to the townships. The violence has stopped now, but now you have the aftermath of 20,000 homeless foreigners- they are from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Somalia, and about every other African country.

I do really appreciate you all wanting to help us in our ministry. We of course, love “care packages”, and things for our ministry to the schools. We can always use glue sticks,  and any  preschool books, Kindergarten, or First Grade books where children must learn to print their letters, and other think like that. Just those littler paperback books you get in many stores. Let due know if your church would be willing to mail some things like that.   Postage as you know is terrible, so many times the care package ends up being very expensive due to that. I can give you a list of a few things we can’t get here and would like:)
Again, I was very touched that you  wrote us. Please pray for us at this time, especially due to the violence all around us.
May God be praised! Love, Amy Boone
The Boones have also sent us a list of items that can collect and send in the form of a “care package.”  If you would like to contribute anky of the items or towards the cost of shipping, please bring your items or contributions to church on any Sunday and give them to Pastor Tim at the Information Table.
Here’s the list:
Reesees, dream whip, chocolate chips, crisco, packages of strawberyy muffins mix, and Strawberyy iced pop-tarts, Honey Nut Cheerios and the Yogurt Cheerios.
Be sure to say a prayer for the Whites and the Boones as well.

About mikewindley

Mike Windley is Lead Pastor of The Bridge Community Church in Morrisville, NC.
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