The Morning Hours

The message this past Sunday was first of three about connecting with God throughout our day each day. It starts in the morning hours. Here’s a summary.

1) Shout it – Words of Worship! Begin your day lying in bed for a few moments/minutes and in your mind (not outloud!) shout words of worship to God! Begin your day thinking of Him and expressing your dependence on Him.

2) Feel it – Words of Worth from God. Remind yourself of how much God loves you and how much He values you. We can feel so worthless sometimes and can beat ourselves up internally. We need to remind ourselves of how much God loves us. The Bible shares some very vivid pictures of how much God loves His people. He runs to us, leaps mounains, bounds hills, and rejoices over us with singing. Feel words of worth from God each morning.

3) Hide it – the Word of God. The Bible is the primary way God speaks to people today. It is His voice. It is His love letter to us. Find a few minutes each morning to read a little. There is no set amount we are required to read. We should probably just read a little and meditate and reflect on it rather than reading long passages that we can not digest.

4) Say it – words of prayer. Prayer is our opportunity to communicate with God. Again, the idea here is not to spend hours and hours in prayer. Most of us would fail at that. But rather, get the conversation started. Begin talking to God, and never say “amen.” Don’t end the conversation. Get it started and then continue it throughout your day.

I hope these ideas help you connect with God in the morning hours. This coming Sunday we will talk about our 9 to 5 hours!

About mikewindley

Mike Windley is Lead Pastor of The Bridge Community Church in Morrisville, NC.
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