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Strong Woman

Just a quick post, as I have been utterly unfaithful in posting in a while. Recently I heard on the radio that Tiger Woods wife, Elin, was working towards reconciliation with Tiger. My first thought to this would be “awesome.” … Continue reading

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Another Note From Matt in Brazil

Good news. William showed up today. It seems like it is very hard for him to be here, as though he questions if he should be away from him family. Hopefully they are able to find another dump community. There … Continue reading

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More Updates From Brazil

“Oi” from Brazil!!   We are excited to share about our first day of camp and what we’ve been up to the last couple of days.   Sunday, we had a church service with all our different teams: the team from Assis, … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary to My Lovely Bride!

Happy Anniversary Honey! I had a great time last night reminiscing about how we met and how our relationship has developed and grown. My prayer has been and always will be that we will continue to grow closer to one … Continue reading

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Computers on the Fritz

To those of you who enjoy my random bloggings, my computer is on the fritz.  Therefore, my time in front of the computer is relatively limited.  Thus little is going on, on the blogging front.  Hopefully be back soon.

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The First Saturday of College Football!

In the great scheme of things, this is pretty inconsequential – but did you know that today is the first Saturday of the college football season?!?!?!?!?!?!?  Summer is almost over and the fall is almost here.  And, of course, fall … Continue reading

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Sad but True

Have you ever thought about how committed we are to our sports teams?  It seems that a lot of people are more committed to their choice of sports teams than they are to their spouses, friends, jobs, etc.  A little … Continue reading

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