I hardly ever miss church but…

My grandmother is turning 95 this week! I am very fortunate to still have 3 grandparents living. And Grandmother Rose turns 95 on Monday. She was born the year the Titanic sank! Isn’t that amazing? And she is an amazing lady and still possesses (did I spell that right?) so much vitality. She lives (with one of my uncles) in the only home I have ever known her to live in. Remarkably, she hasn’t driven a car since she was maybe 16 years old. I’m told that she crashed into a mailbox while learning to drive and immediately decided that driving was not for her. She raised 4 children, taught piano lessons, and played piano at church for most of her life. She didn’t put up with a lot of nonsense from her grandchildren. I distinctly remember her locking me out of my own house as a child because she felt I should be outside playing instead of watching TV.

Anyway…we are celebrating Grandmother’s birthday on Sunday so I am going to miss church! Typically, whenever I miss church, let’s say, while on vacation, I still try to attend church wherever I am. I love church. And I love being in church – connecting in worship with God and connecting with others on their spiritual journey. I also like to visit other churches to experience different worship styles.

I won’t be able to atend any church this Sunday, but due to my church addiction, I will be there to help set our church up on Sunday and then scoot out early to be with Grandmother.

Anyway…I hope whoever reads this will not miss the opportunity to be at church somewhere this weekend!

About mikewindley

Mike Windley is Lead Pastor of The Bridge Community Church in Morrisville, NC.
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