Becoming Passionate Teammates

Earlier this month, February 10-11, our church co-sponsored a marriage seminar with Grace Bible Fellowship.  The workshop is called Becoming Passionate Teammates and is led by Bob and Deb Felts from Brookwood Church in Burlington.  Bob and Deb have been leading these workshops for years and do a great job.

Three observations regarding the workshop:

  1. The stigma of “marriage counseling.”  Maybe I’m just more secure than I realized, but in conversations with others, it was apparent that there was a stigma they attached or felt others attached to attending a marriage workshop or counseling.  Why? Of course, we don’t want people to think we are having marriage problems, right? But seriously, who cares!?!  Nobody has a perfect marriage, and an investment in your spouse and your marriage should only be stigmatized as AWESOME! I’m proud of all our couples who were a part of the workshop.
  2. My perception was there were those who did not attend because they felt they “didn’t need it.”  Personally, I don’t care whether you’ve been married 6 months and think you’ve got it made or 60 years and think you’ve got it made – EVERYONE should be investing in their marriage like this.  It’s kind of like the premarital counseling I do with couples. I encourage all of them to read a book on sex like “The Act of Marriage.” Regardless of how knowledgable they think they are about sex, investing time and money to maybe, just maybe help you know your spouse better is a NEEDED investment.  Same with marriage workshop.  I’m glad you’re marriage is great. Protect it.  Go to a marriage workshop and invest in your marriage!
  3. I can’t remember my third point, so I’ll say this.  Becoming Passionate Teammates (BPT) was awesome.  I really hope I can be a better husband and better leader in my home.  BPT will help me do that.  When we bring Bob and Deb back again, I hope (if you’re married) you’ll be a part!

About mikewindley

Mike Windley is Lead Pastor of The Bridge Community Church in Morrisville, NC.
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