Re-energizing at Camp

Camprire friday

Despite being sick and completely tired as a result, being at Camp Willow Run has been great!  I love being here.  It’s very much a working vacation!  But even better, it’s a retreat from most things worldly and a great chance to connect with God and get revitalized spiritually.  Like Moses got to go and be with God on Mt. Sinai, I get to retreat to CWR to be with Him.

It’s also great to have Courtney and Jackson here.  I know Courtney feels the same way about camp as I do.  And, of course, Jackson loves it – it’s kids paradise!  Field to run in, lake to swim, fish and boat in, rockets, bows and arrows, basketball, soccer, and, of course, train cars!

Anyway…I love coming to camp.  It get me out of my routine and gets me rethinking aobut life and church.  Hopefully I’ll return with new energy and vision.  One lesson to take home with me is finding that special place to retreat when at home and in the routine – to get out of the norm and take a fresh look at my connection to God and how I’m serving Him.  I hope you readers will find that special place of retreat as well.

About mikewindley

Mike Windley is Lead Pastor of The Bridge Community Church in Morrisville, NC.
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