Dog is Love

Recently, I’ve seen the “Dog is Love” bumper stickers around.  I also saw the “A dognastic nose there is a dog.”  I was a little concerned about what the meaning behind these bumper stickers were.  I guess you could say I’m a little sensitive to the bumper sticker issue.  Why you might ask?  I really despise the bumper sticker “wars”.  Particularly the “war” between the Christians and the apparent anti-Christians who have been warring with their car decals.  Let me explain.  It started with the innocent display by Christians of the ancient Christian symbol of the “sign of the fish.”

picture 1

I was fine with that.  There is nothing wrong with putting an innocent symbol of identification on your car.  There is a great story behind the Christian fish symbol – click here.  But, apparently the use of the fish became so great, it annoyed many anti-Christians (particularly when they found out what the fish symbol actually was).  So, here is where the war began and the 2 things have happened that I really despise.  First, the anti’s took a sacred symbol of somebody else’s faith, and consistent with their character, defiled for their own purposes in order to ridicule and offend the Christians.  They created the Darwin fish.


  picture 2

It’s all fine and dandy to believe in Darwinism and evolution and whatever.  FIne.  But make your own symbols.  It is wrong to take somebody else’s sacred symbol and intentionally distort it.  Yes, you may hate Christians and God and whatever else, but you should at least believe in respect.  But then thing #2 happened, which I despise, and completely wish would have never happened.  The Christians retaliated.  Whatever happened to “turn the other cheek?”  The Christians created the Truth Fish.

 picture 3 

Instead of “repaying evil with good”, the Christians decide to one up the anti’s and attempt to show the superioritiy of our faith system by paying back the anti’s with our Truth trumping theirs.  Now I’ve known people who have had the “truth” fish.  And I regret they had it.  And I really think we need to remove those decals from circulation.  The Truth decal is certainly not WWJD.  And, for that matter, the anti’s should remove their Darwin decals and create their own symbol instead of intentionally defiling the Christian symbol.

Anyway…so I was suspect when I saw the “Dog is love” sticker since Christians have the bumper sticker, “God is love.”  But, fortunately, “Dog is love” is nothing more than an innocent attempt at grabbing attention for animals in need of adoption.  Whew.  I was relieved.  Do check out the website for “dog is love” and consider adopting an animal.  I think the reason I saw so many stickers recently is that I was in Asheville, the headquarters of “Dog is love.”


Finally – very funny t-shirt sold at the Mast General Store in Asheville  – “If you’re too weird for Asheville, you’re too weird.”  I agree completely.  If you’ve ever been beyond Biltmore House in Asheville, towards downtown, you know why this t-shirt is SO true!

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Mike Windley is Lead Pastor of The Bridge Community Church in Morrisville, NC.
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