Bridge Family Fun Day

I just wanted to take a second to way “Wow” and “thanks” to everyone who made our Bridge Family Fun Day such a great day this past Saturday. Inevitably, as I make the list below, I will forget someone, so please forgive me! You are loved and God sees your service and sacrifice! God bless all the amazing people at our church with amazing servant hearts!

Tim – Thanks for “maning” the grill. The food was great!
Joe – Thanks for helping me retrieve and return the grill. I love hanging out with you!
Courtney – Thank you for organizing the food. You did a fantastic job!
Dana and Russ and Carter – thanks for running to the store and getting the trash bags we needed! We would have been up to our ears in trash without those bags!
Brooks and Brad – thanks for being the first to “man” (or “woman”) the inflatable games!
Jason – thanks for seeing a need and filling it by jumping in with the kids and helping the little ones climb the wall inside the inflatable
Joe, Joe, Stephen and Matt – thanks for relieving Jason and helping the kids
Dee – thanks for buying all the paper products!
Matt, Cheri, Cary, and Amanda – thanks for coming early and helping us get set-up and staying late to help clean up!
Everyone – thanks for helping clean up! Clean up can often be the worst part on an event and I was amazed at how quickly and well clean up went!
Anna – thanks for organizing the desserts and for everyone else who donated the desserts
Everyone who “manned” the inflatables – thanks for being available to help direct the kids and keep them safe! Can you believe how much fun they had???
William and Sarah – thanks for going out of your way to meet up with me and get me the check to pay for the inflatables!

Again – so many people were serving in so many ways on Saturday! Thank you all so much! Praise God for all the wonderful people we were able to serve and connect with! Pray for our community as God longs to bring hope and healing into lives!

About mikewindley

Mike Windley is Lead Pastor of The Bridge Community Church in Morrisville, NC.
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1 Response to Bridge Family Fun Day

  1. Windot says:

    It was an AWESOME day! I hope we have more of those!!!

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